Geotechnical Engineering Solutions

GeoSuite© will prove to be of good choice in providing geotechnical engineering solutions for geotechnical engineering tasks that are more or less “routine” in nature. LabSuite© will allow presentation of geotechnical or soil test results and exhibits in a manner that will convey your Professionalism to your clients. But, in your practice you will come across geotechnical engineering problems that will require a customized approach to obtain proper geotechnical engineering solutions. Complex geotechnical engineering problems require high level complex geotechnical engineering solutions. This may mean modeling a site to run a Numerical Analysis (or Finite Element Analysis) or seeking a Peer Review of the analysis that you have performed. We at GeoAdvanced™ have the ability and experience to assist you with those geotechnical engineering solutions. The GeoAdvanced™ team includes Dr. Fred Yi. Dr. Yi obtained his Doctorate in Earthquake Engineering from one of the most prestigious universities, the University of Tokyo. Dr. Yi studied under Professor Kenji Ishihara. Dr. Yi has also published several papers utilizing shear wave velocity data for Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. The papers include “Procedure to Evaluate Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading Based on Shear Wave Velocity”, “Procedure to Evaluate Seismic Settlement in Dry Sand Based on Shear Wave Velocity”, and “Procedure to Evaluate Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading Based on Shear Wave Velocity”. The GeoAdvanced team is composed of California registered Civil and Geotechnical Engineers as well as certified Engineering Geologist with combined experience of well over 100 years. When you have a Geotechnical Engineering problem that requires a complex or special analysis, give the GeoAdvanced team an opportunity to work with you. Please contact us.

geotechnical engineering solutions

Finite Element Simulation of Shoring Construction