GeoAdvanced™: The Cutting Edge of Geotechnical Services and Software

Mission: To provide the most advanced geotechnical services and software to the civil engineering communities

GeoAdvanced™ is dedicated to providing professional geotechnical services and numerical simulations to geotechnical engineers, civil engineers and engineering geologists. GeoAdvanced also provides contract geotechnical and earthquake engineering services for specific and unique applications. Our goal is to provide quality geotechnical products and geotechnical services to our clients. At GeoAdvanced™, we offer  the complete suite of geotechnical software that an engineer could ever need to complete his or her work in the field.  Our products allow your company whether big or small to excel to new heights in the geotechnical arena.  With more and more engineering software hitting the market every day, you may be overwhelmed when attempting to choose the right software for your company.  Well, it doesn’t have to be!  Here are just a few reasons why GeoAdvanced™ products and services rise above whatever else is on the market.



Product Highlight:
GeoSuite© is a comprehensive geotechnical software package designed for geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, and engineering geologists to provide liquefaction, seismic settlement, lateral spreading, compression deformation, bearing pressure, and earth pressure calculations and exhibits based on Standard Penetration test (SPT), cone penetration test (CPT) and shear wave velocity (Vs) data. By utilizing GeoSuite© for data analysis, you will save yourself hours of crunching numbers manually. GeoSuite© is the most comprehensive software package available to professionals involved in geotechnical services. GeoSuite© is based on state-of-the-art theory and methods including Robertson (2009, 2010, 2012), Idriss & Boulanger (2008), Youd et al. (2001) and Andrus & Stokoe (2000, 2004). Dr. Peter K. Robertson, one of the pioneers of CPT research, provided helpful advice during the development of GeoSuite©, especially relating to the application of the CPT data.   By combining numerous methodologies into one powerful software, the staff here at GeoAdvanced™ believes that we have created the single most useful tool for geotechnical engineers on the market.



To compliment GeoSuite© we also offer a lab-based software that will help you present your lab data in an easy to read and very attractive format. LabSuite© is a comprehensive software package that allows plotting of geotechnical laboratory test results in a professional and straightforward manner which is suitable for inclusions in geotechnical reports.  Whether you are in the lab or in the field, GeoAdvanced™ products can assist you in providing top-notch, reliable geotechnical services.