Add Timestamp to Photo and Caption it – PhotoTimeStamper

PhotoTimeStamper© is designed to add timestamp to photos. It can also caption all photos and rename all files by single click based on date taken information.

You may still remember the printed photo you took that included a date/time in the photo field. When you opened your album many years later you found this to be a great feature helping you to recall the event. Unfortunately, most digital cameras on the market today do not have this feature. That information is now stored in the digital photo as embedded meta data, commonly called EXIF tags. We still print photos. When the photo gets printed, none of the meta data gets shown automatically. If you post your photos in an online album or photo sharing site, the date/time information may not be easily accessible. For many applications, adding the date/time information directly on digital photos is still desirable.

Another problem with some of the current digital cameras is the file names. Some manufactures name their photo files in a format such as ABC####.jpg. For example, Sony uses DSC00001.jpg, Panasonic uses IMGA0001.jpg, Canon uses IMG_0001.jpg. When you delete all of the files from your memory card, it will begin a new sequence such as ABC0001.jpg again. You will wind up with the same file name for different photos. If you copy the photo to the same directory on your computer, you may overwrite a previous photo if you don’t rename it before saving.

PhotoTimeStamper© was developed to solve these problems. With a single click, you can add timestamp to photos, add captions to images, and rename the all image files. Timestamp is based on the time taken information. Image files will be renamed using date and time. You will never have the same name for different photos. You can also add prefix to file names, e.g., a project name or place visited. You can add a caption to indicate the place or event associated with the photo.