The Only Soil Compression Calculation Software for Multi-footings Using SPT, CPT or Vs – GeoComp

GeoComp© is the only soil compression calculation software package on the market which is capable of calculating compression deformation utilizing Standard Penetration test (SPT), cone penetration test (CPT) and shear wave velocity (Vs) data profile. You can calculate the compression deformation for multiple footing loads such as floor loads combined with multiple column loads or tank pressure combined with column loads and ring-wall loads. GeoComp© is capable of calculating three dimensional soil compression deformations by utilizing consolidation theory or linear (Schmertmann’s or modified Schmertmann’s method) and nonlinear methods for soil profiles defined by SPT, CPT, or Vs data. Users can set up excavation and footing depths as well as compacted fill thickness under neath footings.

Load Shape and Layout:Soil Compression Calculation Software

  • Rectangular or Square shaped footing with XY layout
  • Circular or Ring shaped footing with XY layout
  • Circular or Ring shaped footing with radial layout
  • Line load (Infinite Long)
  • Trapezoid shaped load (infinite long)
  • Point load with XY layout

Induced Stresses/Surcharge Load

  • Induced Vertical Stress (∆σz)
  • Induced lateral stresses (∆σx, ∆σy)

Methods for Compression Deformation Calculation

  • Terzaghi’s Consolidation theory
  • Nonlinearity
  • Modified Schmertmann’s method
  • Schmertmann’s method

Examples of Typical Input/Output Screens: