Best Soil Bearing Capacity Software – GeoBP©

GeoBP© is a comprehensive soil bearing capacity software package. It is the only soil bearing capacity software in the market that the calculated soil allowable bearing capacity considers the allowable settlement. The allowable settlement can be calculated utilizing consolidation theory, Schmertmann’s or modified Schmertmann’s method, and nonlinear methods. Soil soil profiles defined by SPT, CPT, or Vs data can be utilized. Users can set up excavation and footing depths as well as compacted fill thickness under neath footings. The results can be outputted in form of Column Load vs. Footing Width, Bearing Capacity vs. Footing Width, Footing Pressure vs. Settlement, and Subgrade reaction modulus vs. Footing Width.

Bearing Capacity & Subgrade Reaction ModulusSoil Bearing Capacity Software - GeoBP

  • Bearing Capacity based on Terzaghi or general methods
  • Compression Deformation based on four methods
  • Terzaghi’s Consolidation theory
  • Nonlinearity
  • Modified Schmertmann’s method
  • Schmertmann’s method
  • Subgrade reaction modulus
  • Considering multi-layer soil profile within the effected zone of footing load induced stresses
  • Four types of typical output
  • Column Load vs. Footing Width
  • Bearing Capacity vs. Footing Width
  • Footing Pressure vs. Settlement
  • Subgrade reaction modulus vs. Footing Width

Examples of Typical Input and Output Screens: