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GeoAdvanced™ is a California, United States, based company providing geotechnical engineering consultants services. GeoAdvanced™ specializes in the development of geotechnical engineering software packages for civil and geotechnical engineers as well as engineering geologists. GeoAdvanced™ also provide contracted geotechnical engineering consultants services for more complex geotechnical engineering and geotechnical earthquake engineering projects. GeoAdvanced™ offers various customized numerical simulations related to geotechnical engineering consultants services ranging from traditional soil mechanics problems, such as compression deformation and earth pressures calculations, to calculations of axial and lateral pile capacities, seepage analysis and slope stability analysis, further to advanced and complex Finite Element simulations involving two- or three-dimensional construction sequence simulation, dynamic response analysis, soil-structure-interaction, or other unique and specific analysis problems. The GeoAdvanced™ team is composed of California registered Civil Engineers and registered Geotechnical Engineers as well as certified Engineering Geologist with combined experiences of geotechnical engineering consultants of well over 100 years.